Friday, 28 January 2011

This Weeks Tipple

For those who dined in the nylon halls of The Ataraxian's at Latitude Festival 2010, you may be familiar with the produce of one Fat Cat Brewery, Norwich.It provided the warm, flavoursome beer which was much passed round among the young people by the dwindling fireside (turns out recycling bins only provide so much cardboard).

It is which such whimsical memories in mind that I heartily endorse the Fat Cat's Marmalade Cat ale as this weeks Tipple.

A classic mid-brown coloured strong bitter, with a markedly bitter finish from the generous use of Styrian hops. Flavoursome English pale malt adds balance and a smooth finish, which lasts and lasts. Full-bodied, yet with an ease of drinking which belies its strength.

For those of not in the vicinity of Norwhich Fat Cat beer is currently available by the Firkin (72 Pints) on the Fat Cat Website (Polypins are also available at at cheaper rate) This should at least keep you merry until next week's tipple.

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