Friday, 21 January 2011

Best of the Auction house - Men's Shoes

Ever crusaders of paying less for something, The Ataraxians are at hand to provide the good-to-honest dapper chappie with a monthly guide to the best quality items currently available second hand (vintage, if you really must insist) on this hyper-mega-web-spider thing.

This month we highlight the honest shoe - oft overlooked and frequently awful.

British men have access to the highest quality footwear anywhere in the world yet, as I gaze across the souless wasteland of the Tube I see square fronted, near-plastic insults to Empire adorn the feet of Britian's professional workforce.

I ask you how can a country escape national debt crisis if it can't even tie a decent pair of laces!

It is interest of the nation's salvation that I have provided you with a few fruits of the worlds most respected shoemakers currently available for some very, very reasonable prices.

The Dream: Currently availible on Ebay for £139

Hand made British shoes:
Loake Tassel-Loafer sz 8.5
Loake Brown Leather lace up sz 10
Loake Black formal Lace-Up sz 8
Cheaney 'Deacon' leather Brogues sz 10F
Barker Brown Brogues sz 8F
Alfred Sargent Men's Tan Brogues  Sz 9
Alfred Sargent Suede Slip-on's Sz 8

Continental shoes:
Bally Brown Tassel-Loafer sz 10
Bally Dark Blue Loafer sz 10
Bally Dark Brown Buckle Brogue sz 8
Tods Dark Brown Oxford brogue sz 8
Prada Brown Loafer sz 8.5

Reiss Brown Loafer (Not hand made) Sz 8
Savile Row Co. Brown Leather shoes Sz 8
Savile Row Co. Brown Stirrup Shoes Sz 9
Urban Outfitters Grey Suede Desert Boot sz 9

End of public information broadcast.

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