Friday, 25 February 2011

Tipple Of The Week

This week's tipple hails from that legendary venue of mixological prowess the Cafe Royal, which very sadly closed it doors  on us tweeded ascetics in 2008 (after 143 years and a nefarious legal war with Oscar Wilde). Ever delusional of the present we the Ataraxians bring you a little something from the past. Possibly encouraged by our recent jaunt to the West country, and Old Tweedy's dangerous fascination for trying to incorporate cider into cocktails (in fact screw cocktails - gin and dry cider now corrodes his frontal cortex) we present..

The Avenue
28ml Somerset Cider Brandy
28 ml  Four Roses Bourbon
28 ml Passion fruit puree
a dash of Grenadine
a dash of Orange flower water


Shake well and serve into a chilled cocktail glass

Nearly affordable.. Montgomery art deco cocktail shaker (£130 Ralph Lauren)

This is perhaps not one to attempt at home,given the nature of the ingredients. However,find a well equipped bar and it should be worth the wait.
The drink has a distinctive perfume with a haunting obituary. At it's climax the brandy and  passion fruit juice jostle to find sure footing but no clear note is evident, the bourbon is almost totally hidden in the drink simply providing a soft sweet warmth.
This is works to form a rather  ethereal character to the drink. 
Such ghostly touches echo across your tongue leaving you faintly confused, amused and rather eager to have another.

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