Friday, 18 February 2011

The right thing to do.

While my brethren enjoyed the sweet succour of west country cider, I alas spent that time in the ultimately fruitless pursuit of screaming at the darkness, well a chap must have his hobbies. Now as you may or may not know, the humble correspondences of this Northern token are in fact prone to more than cookery though for the most part the rest are filtered due to their mind splitting rage. This piece however deserves a degree of rage.

Now chaps I know this is not a forum where one comes for comments on any matters beyond sartorial elegance, mixological prowess, greater artistic awareness and to at least my eternal shame some underwear models. But on following this link however I hope to raise in my fellow club members a deep, spluttering rage. There is something about it which raises my ire more than I can begin to explain. Not just because this is a sweet old God fearing woman being persecuted for defending her own children, nor that she has the bravery to stand alone before her opposition in a righteous cause. No what really gets to me is this:

“I feel a bit shy. But then again, it's the right thing to do,"

How often have you said that, even to yourself, even signing an online petition, no vocal component required. It is the right thing to do, it is a phrase that we barely even understand. The very simplicity of the phrase makes it the domain of action movies and that 'new' genre superhero movies. But the person who said these all important words was not a movie character she was a very real individual standing against something she thought was wrong.

Can we not at least match that?

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