Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The American Art of the English

Greetings eccentrics and lost souls,

As you have been informed I have returned from the gracious company of our Chinese (do I say overlords yet? No) hosts, needless to say I shall be providing you with a chirpy travelogue shortly chock-a-block with trends, tastes and tipples. In the meantime I would like to draw your attention to a Spring/Summer collection from American Ivy League stalwarts Norman Hilton.
Under the mantra ''Doing one thing well'' Hilton specializes in producing soft, subtle, well-tailored Blazers for America's bright young things, and as you can see they deliver some fantastic wear for your consideration this year.
At around $650 they are certainly an investment piece for the younger reader, but the looks themselves (shot by 
Unabashedly Prep blogger F.E.Castlebury) displays some timeless Ivy ascetics (Madras, tie clips), indeed follow on to Castlebury's site for some real inspiration into the Ivy League dream and see how America manages to sell English often far better than we can.

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