Sunday, 6 March 2011

Attenborough and the Giant Egg

We don't often find there is much to recommend on your  visual-information boxes these days, but stalwart of excellence, childhood hero to all and always of interest and consideration David Attenborough produces and presents a surprisingly personal experience of the natural world. In 1960 he visited the island of Madagascar (Malagasy Republic to some of our readers)  to film one of his first ever wildlife series, Zoo Quest.
Whilst he was there, he acquired a giant egg. Being British by birth he took it home (as is his right). It was the egg of an extinct bird known as the 'elephant bird' - the largest bird that ever lived. It has been one of his most treasured possessions ever since.
Fifty years older, he now returns to the island to find out more about this amazing creature and to see how the island has changed. Could the elephant bird's fate provide lessons that may help protect Madagascar's remaining wildlife?

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